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We have available a range of extract and supply fans for toilet and bathroom ventilation of homes and business premises including heat transfer systems to warm up your premises and prevent condensation build up.

Getting hot in your factory? We will assist in selection of the right application from our range of roof units. To complement these systems we have a range of accessories including flexible ducting, electronic controls and speed regulators, filter boxes, ceiling diffusers, wall grilles and vents.

We can supply a selection of fan motors, motorised wheels, blowers and centrifugal units, fan blades and impellers to satify your HVAC requirements. For the refrigeration industry, we supply a range of axial condenser fans, freezer fans, shaded pole motors and accessories.

It is appreciated that particular situations will require special attention and we hasten to assure users that Pacific Fans Ltd is always available to provide expert advice and fan selections whenever and wherever required.

If you require further information. please do not hesitate to contact PACIFIC FANS LTD at any of the contact numbers/addresses shown in the panel below. Easy access is available by using the Contact Us facility of this website.

Pacific Fans Specials

  • 05 July 2013
    Factory/Warehouse too hot?

    If your staff are complaining about the heat in the warehouse/factory, why not contact us to help you with making working conditions more comfortable for all.  Increased productivity could pay the cost of a system.  Perhaps Roof Units could be the answer? Alternatively, you might like to consider OSCILLATING WALL FANS or PEDESTAL FANS.

  • 05 July 2013
    Heat Transfer/Home Ventilation

    Cold weather is here again and its probably time for thinking about tranferring the warm air from attics and lounges to those cold bedrooms. Heat Transfer systems using Pacific Fans Ltd's In Line Centrifugal Fans and accessories ( flexi-ducting, diffusers, filters etc) will handle this task for you.  Let us help you design your HEAT TRANSFER system.

In Line Centrifugal Fan

Roof Unit


Air Movement Specialists