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Fan Selection and System Design

CUSTOMER SERVICE is of the utmost importance to Pacific Fans Limited and we pride ourselves on providing excellent value for money.

Pacific Fans can call on many years of experience in the Air Movement Industry, so our advice can be relied on absolutely by its customers, industry professionals, trades people and retailers seeking advice.

The three areas in which we are most often asked for help are:
We cannot cover all possibilities in these areas. Rather we will make just a few observations here, but we recommend anyone seeking help with any or all of these issues should Contact Us with their particular questions.

FAN SELECTIONFan System Design

Selection of the right fan/s is very important. Often a number of different fans could be be used but some will be better than others. Efficiency and, possibly, user on-going costs may suffer if wrong selections are made.

The following considerations (in no particular order) should be taken into account in the selection process:
  • Cubic air space of area to be ventilated
  • Doors & Windows (positioning and size)
  • Occupation – will help in determining ideal number of air changes
  • Noise issues
  • Power source
  • Etc


As is the case in fan selection, System Design is similarly important.

Positioning fans, ducting and ancillary equipment must be an overall consideration in designing the most efficient configuration. Correctly designed and installed configurations will ensure maximum efficiency of the fan and the user will appreciate benefits in both the system effectiveness and running costs.


This is always important to customers and potential customers.

Pacific Fans is willing to provide estimates and quotations whenever required, subject always to clear agreement on the fans and systems being required.